High-Value Shipments to Eastern Europe and All CIS Countries – by Your High-Value Cargo Specialist

You would like to ship highly sensitive goods or high-value goods to Eastern Europe or any CIS country?

ISDB Logistik offers a wide range of measures for the safe and fast delivery of your especially valuable goods and commodities. As a specialist for Eastern Europe and all CIS countries, we are familiar with the many hazards on the most dangerous routes throughout Europe and Central Asia.

Complete vehicle monitoring through state-of-the-art telematics systems is part of the basic configuration of all of our vehicles. Depending on the risk assessment and chosen route, we put other safety measures, such as providing a convoy, two crewmembers, use of safe parking areas, and provision of one or more escort vehicles, in place.

If necessary, we ensure a continuous TAPA-certified transport chain – from our logistics centres to the vehicles used. On request, we use our TAPA certified partners who meet all TAPA 1 requirements and possess the appropriate certifications.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we feature an extensive network of partners. Together, we are able to develop first-class solutions for almost every transport task according to the respective requirements, timelines, and budget.

Trust in the specialist for high-value and high-risk transports.

ISDB Team Poland

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    High-value transports are security transports that are associated with special logistics and vehicle requirements. As part of a security transport, highly sensitive, high-quality, and expensive goods are transported, wherefore exceptional safety precautions such as theft protection must be taken.
    These product categories include all IT hardware such as hard disks, processors, memory, SSDs, and many others. When transporting telecommunications goods, such as smartphones and tablets, explicit security logistics are further required. Moreover, luxury items from brand-name clothing, shoes, bags, and watches to expensive leather goods are moved transported from A to B via a security transport. Whether alcohol, tobacco, medical devices or many other high-priced and valuable products and goods need to be transported, these items should be transported as special transport goods.
    It is important that you can 100% rely on your carrier. ISDB Logistik offers you its first-class service and sophisticated security logistics. The entire supply chain is tightly controlled and all employees are specially trained for the responsible undertaking at hand. When working with us, you can rely on a transparent and safe transport process. We are happy to work out individual processes and workflows for you.

    ISDB Logistik - Your Reliable Partner for High-Value Transports

    The safe transport of your precious and high-theft goods is our top priority. Our employees undergo continuous training to meet these high standards. Benefit from seamless transport monitoring via the latest GPS and GSM technologies. ISDB Logistik always uses selected and well-trained, 2-person driver teams for its high-value transports.
    You can count on all vehicles being equipped with the latest security locks. Our drivers will take their prescribed breaks only in special, guarded parking lots.
    Your precious goods are carefully transported. ISDB Logistik uses modern semitrailers that have been equipped with the latest air suspension. On request, we offer you additional protection by means of an escort vehicle. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation without any further obligations.